Canterbury Farms

Sean and Laurie Rodgers own Canterbury Farms and have been sheep farming in the Vanderhoof area for 24 years. Sean is originally from New Zealand and is a 4th generation sheep farmer.

The farm run 200 commercial Suffolk/Dorset ewes, with Polypay influence. The Polypay is a four-breed composite of Targhee, Rambouillet, Dorset and Finnish Landrace breeds. It is a medium-sized wool sheep (average mature ewe weight of 72 kg) with a smooth body free of excessive skin wrinkles on the neck and body and a poll head. Polypay sheep are noted for being a highly prolific maternal dual-purpose breed. Canterbury Farms lamb in 2 groups. 70 ewes lamb in January/February and the balance in May/June.

Sean and Laurie provided the sheep for Cariboo Stock Dogs first trial, the Wild & Woolly Indoor Arena Trial in May 2023. We had many compliments about the consistency and quality of the sheep.

Canterbury Farms has kindly offered to supply the sheep for 2024. If you are interested in learning more about their farm, you can email them at: