Sept 21 & 22

Clinic Full

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Introduction to Trialling Clinic

with Ed Wiebe

October 5 & 6

Small Field Trial

It all started with a bottle of wine, a couple of stock dog puppies and an idea. This is how three ranch women, Crystal Smith, Natasha Reichlin and Deborah Armstrong decided to take their love of training, trialling and working stock dogs into the community.

Our mission is to promote the natural talent and ability of the stock dog through education, including clinics and training, off and online resources and a social-media learning group. We offer a twice yearly sanctioned stock dog trial which brings competitors from all over Canada who contribute to the economic development of Quesnel. This brings inclusive, family-friendly recreation and education contributing to community engagement. 

Our vision is to provide education, recreation and a social service that will enrich our stock dog and farming communities by providing a place to practice, learn and apply these fundamental skills on farms, ranches and in a stock dog trial. Our hope is to establish Quesnel as "the place" for high-level competitors and visitors to come for sanctioned stock dog clinics and trials. 

Thank you to our donors for making our events possible